The Simon Powell Poetry Prize

The standard this year was so high that our judges have chosen twelve winners, who have now been informed. 

Congratulations to all the winners. Here is what our judge, Daljit Nagra, said about this year’s prizewinners:

“Perhaps more so this year, than in previous years, the winners have written poems of political witness, a poetry that bears testament to our troubled times. Poets, mature beyond their years, are to be found exploring what it means to be human these days and how to remain dignified when contradictions implicate our moral codes. A powerful set of winning poems featuring a blue desert, a fruit seller, breast feeding, a dialogue with a piece of paper and migrants who must endure horrors.”

The quality this year was exceptionally high across the board, so thanks to everyone who entered. Make sure you keep writing and keep entering competitions!

Best wishes,
Daniel Powell



Simon Powell, the founder of Poetry Live, was always a champion of new poetry. Before he died in 2009, he started a poetry competition for students attending Poetry Live. The competition now carries on in his memory.